Why Choose Navconn?

We provide executional excellences drawing and deploying talented teams from best-in-class companies and markets. We can help smooth new market entry challenges and free clients up to focus on what to do best leaving facilities staffing and management to us.​

Our Services

Facilities and Other Outsourced Functions and Management

NavConn provides a full complement of outsourcing services, including:​

Port and Terminal Management


Sea Traffic Management

Air, Land, and Sea Freight Management

Facilities Management

Our Mission

On behalf of and for the benefit of our clients, we provision facilities management for land, sea, and air related operations in developing EMEA markets.

What We Do

Through a combination of our global experience and application of the latest logistics technologies, we provide:

Best-in-class technology solutions

Quality and efficient port, terminal,
warehouse and other facilities
management, and shipping
logistics services 

Dedicated personnel with respective expertise in shipping, port management, airline, and airport logistical ticketing management

Local Commitment

We are committed to the communities in which we operate. By promoting global trade, we contribute to the long-term economic growth of the local geographic markets both through employment opportunities and the facilitation and support of local businesses that support our operations. We openly share our successful business practices and global network to provide guidance for and participate in the development of major, local infrastructure projects for the benefit of all local economies.

Experienced Global Management Team

NavConn offers an experienced and diversified global management team. With a combined 150 years of experience in port operations, marketing, information technology, finance and business development, our global management team can meet any challenges associated with all aspects of global logistics and trade. We place great emphasis on the training and development of all employees and supporting businesses in order to provide a safe and secure working environment.

High-Tech Solutions

Enhancing the experience of our global management team, we are dedicated to utilizing the newest technologies and innovations in wireless communications, information technology, automated systems, tracking and security. By constantly researching, developing and investing in high-tech solutions, we always strive to improve our operations and processes to provide the most highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective port management and logistics services available today.


Container Services and Repairs

We provide logistical support for transport related repairs


Storage and Warehousing

We can help you build, staff and manage warehousing​ facilities or better manage and optimize the ones you​ already have

Provide Port Management

Innovative, high-tech hardware and software solutions and applications providing standardized, reliable and easy to use services

Non-Containerized Cargo

Quality and efficient port operations and other logistics services with a constant goal of improving our operations and providing our employees and clients a safe and secure work environment

Aviation GSA Services

You fly, we do everything else


We can provide tracking, shipping, and related distribution capabilities in challenging markets


Our global logistics network helps local communities to grow their businesses, enhance their supply chain management systems, and explore new and exciting opportunities in both developed and developing markets. 

We are committed to creating production and distribution centers in strategic locations in underserved markets close to sea, air, road and/or rail connections. This multi-facet supply chain management approach especially helps underdeveloped markets expand and grow.

Through our partners and affiliate companies, we offer services beyond sea port, airline terminals, land terminals, warehousing and other related operations by providing additional support to and facilitating economic growth in the communities and geo markets in which we operate. We look to promote the most efficient movement of cargo throughout the globe, connecting from our sea ports to local destinations and beyond.

Each distribution center we assist in developing, managing or owning brings more opportunities, including but not limited to employment opportunities for the local population, foreign direct investment and increased exporting capabilities for local markets.