Always on the move​

Our services support government, public/private partnerships, and the private sector​
Our mission at NavConn is to provide quality, efficient, safe, and secure management services in challenging markets

NavConn was established to assist developing markets in managing various facilities including ports, airline gates, and ticking management in addition to warehousing and distribution. Outsourcing to NavConn provides flexible staffing through contingent workforce agreements as well as access to western technology and management practices. Our aim is to help clients leapfrog and circumnavigate pinch points in their value chain and lean on NavConn for improved performance.

Experienced Global Management Team

NavConn provides access to an experienced and diversified global management team with the ability to rapidly stand-up operational teams in challenging markets

NavConn can staff and manage a wide range of supply depots, ​ facilities, ports, terminals and shipping logistics facilities. The ability​ to employ NavConn contingent workers and management teams can ​ accelerate opening new facilities and improving operations of existing​ ones. A wide range of capabilities can be deployed across disciplines​ ranging from management, operations, ticketing, technology, HR,​ customer service, transportation, security and overall leadership.

Our Features​
Why Choose Us?

Worldwide Locations​

NavConn will deploy its capabilities in the most challenging of markets globally

Customer Support

Supply chain management software, telephony, video, drones, and other technology are utilized to support client interactions and corresponding Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Quality and Commitment​

NavConn is committed to bringing best practices to lagging markets


NavConn is mission focused and rises to the most challenging customer mandates

Onsite Logistics Through People, Process and Results​

NavConn will manage your existing facilities or stand up a new facility which is outsourced to us.  We bring innovation, dedication and technology to all our endeavors.

Through on-demand recruitment, drop-in teams, partners, and ​ affiliated companies, we provide onsite and offsite management of ​ ports, General Sales Agent (GSA) services for airlines and warehouse​ management, among other people intensive capabilities. NavConn​ is dedicated to bringing technology solutions, business process​ improvements, wireless technology, automated systems,​ Artificial Intelligence (AI), information technology, tracking and​ security capabilities to all the firm’s engagements.